Inkopio CSR 


Inkopio is a modern, digital company with a mission to improve and simplify the consultant market. Our solutions and services are all about digitalizing and integrating the processes for buying, selling and managing consultant services, so our core business is to save money and decrease waste!

Our environmental footprint is primarily related to the use of IT-solutions and transportation of people:

- Our servers are virtual and hosted on ISO14001-certified cloud service providers.

- We encourage our employees to use public transport and use online meetings as much as possible. 


Inkopio's code of conduct is based on 2 axioms:

"All Inkopio’s decisions and actions shall hold for any legal and moral scrutiny. "


"We always strive for creating sound, sustainable values for ourselves and our business partners."

All employees at Inkopio are entitled - and encouraged - to take part in Mentor ( We will set off 1 hour's working time per week for this. 


Environmental policy: link

Code of conduct: link