Operational consultant procurement as a service.

Inkopio offers centralised service functionality for consultant procurement as a service. We will support your sourcing/  procurement department throughout the entire process, from the identification of a sourcing need all the way to payment and monitoring of consultants and suppliers.

 We have dedicated personnel on our end adding incredible value to the set up through their own personal dedication and competence. We are here for you to support the backend and administration and to add to the competency levels of your own existing staff.

 Why Inkopio? Our value proposition:

  •  Transparency throughout the entire consultant procurement process
  • Supplier neutrality ensures we will act entirely in the best interest of your business
  • Our system is developed entirely by ourselves with thoroughly automated processes from procurement to pay.
  • Our extended supplier data base promotes increased competition among your suppliers
  • Lower total costs from cheaper consultant rates and reduced man-hours spent on administration
  • Real-time data supplied for analysis, evaluation and direction of consultants
  • No fixed costs