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Nordic bank use our cloud service to find and manage all consultants globally. This includes both resource consultants and project deliveries (SoW). The cloud service has been operational since 2015.

We are the personal technology company with procurement as core

We offer a cloud service that helps customers digitize the entire consultant lifecycle from procurement to payment. The cloud service has been implemented by customers in 8 countries to date, handles over 250 active suppliers and is being accessed by over 3000 users daily.

We believe technology and external workforce is part of every company’s key assets and need to be treated as such. Our aim is to be at the forefront when it comes to procurement, by utilizing our experience and technology. We challenge the traditional with easier and more efficient ways of working.
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The challenger
A true digital company from start with a low cost base challenging the traditional suppliers within consultant procurement. Our customers chose us to work with innovative ideas resulting in scalable and cost efficient workflows.

The personal tech company
Being personal tech company provides us with unique possibilities to adapt our cloud service to the customer specific needs. We love what we do and use our passion to stand out from competition. We encourage bravery, transparency and honesty.

We stand on the customer side
We align in true partnership with procurement departments all over Nordics. Fully committed and personal invested with support for you to gain control, transparency and and scalability when managing externals.

Our Expertise

We make sure to digitize your entire consultant lifecycle from procurement to pay


Customized portal to capture and manage all your requests.


Automated request approval in your workflow.


Send invites to frame agreement suppliers, ad hoc suppliers or why not include a nisched marketplace.


Receive all proposals in an structured way and in accordance with GDPR.


Compare candidates, book interviews and select the best suitable consultant.


Integrate cost approval in your workflow.


Have all your external contracts and SoW´s e-signed and stored in one place.


Automate a personal onboarding process for all consultants.

Cost report

Collect all reported cost during the contract and manage approvals.


Enable self billing invoicing and ensure 100% correctness.


Measure and compare both qualitative and quantitative supplier performance.


Look at the past, the current and predict the future by taking control of accruals, cost reservations, spend and supplier management.

Vår expertis

Vi ser till att digitalisera hela konsultlivscykeln, från upphandling till betalning.


Portal för att fånga upp alla behov av resurser och nya projekt.


Förenklad hantering av attester vid nya inköp.


Bjud in ramavtalsleverantörer och nischade leverantörer att svara. Varför inte prova att publicera behovet på en marknadsplats för frilansare samtidigt?


Ta emot alla offerter i portalen strukturerat och i linje med GDPR.


Jämför och kommunicera med alla kandidater på ett lätt sätt.


Förenklad hantering av attester på kontrakt som ska signeras.


Samtliga konsultkontrakt och projektavtal signerade på ett ställe. Full kontroll och compliance.


Automatiserad onboarding process för alla nya konsulter.


Samla in tider, utlägg och övriga kostnader varje månad här eller importera från eget rapporteringsverktyg för tid/kostnader.


Möjliggör automatisk fakturering för ett felfritt resultat


Mät och jämföra leverantörens prestanda.


Förutspå framtiden. Periodisera, reservera kostnader, följ trender och mät leverantörer.