We are the personal technology company with procurement as core

We offer a cloud service that helps customers digitize the entire consultant lifecycle from procurement to payment. The cloud service has been implemented by customers in 8 countries to date, handles over 250 active suppliers and is being accessed by over 3000 users daily.

We believe technology and external workforce is part of every company’s key assets and need to be treated as such. Our aim is to be at the forefront when it comes to procurement, by utilizing our experience and technology. We challenge the traditional with easier and more efficient ways of working.
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The challenger
A true digital company from start with a low cost base challenging the traditional suppliers within consultant procurement. Our customers chose us to work with innovative ideas resulting in scalable and cost efficient workflows.

The personal tech company
Being personal tech company provides us with unique possibilities to adapt our cloud service to the customer specific needs. We love what we do and use our passion to stand out from competition. We encourage bravery, transparency and honesty.

We stand on the customer side
We align in true partnership with procurement departments all over Nordics. Fully committed and personal invested with support for you to gain control, transparency and and scalability when managing externals.